The importance of studying English

Hi people… what´s up?

Listen, I´d like you to tell us your opinion about studying English. Why is it so important in our lives? Why are you studying it? Do you like it? Do you believe it can help you somehow in the future?

Share your ideas with us!!!!


25 Responses to “The importance of studying English”

  1. hi dera have you been there? Did you like it , if so ?? Did you receive the incoming money at your bank account ?
    oh my english… you know i´m much better in spanish…
    klisses and congratulations for this wonderfull idea about you on line classes and this blog!!!!!

  2. Carolina Says:

    Hi teacher.
    I think study english is good because nowadays to much things are in english and if you want to talk to a foreign person, even if this person ins’t of a english contry, you must talk in english.
    Also this, learn english is important to find a job in a global firm.
    Well, although this, I like studying english to understand musics.

  3. Ever since the USA are the 1st World Power, english has became basically the “universal” language around our globalizated world. A lot of countries have adopted it as its second language, making easier the communication.
    I am studying english, because I like the languange and it will be very important in my carrer, since I’m studying “Letras” and I might be a teacher. And also, I intend to travel abroad in the future, so, speaking english will be, probably, very helpful if I need to talk to foreigners.

  4. I study English because, nowadays, all of the jobs is necessary speak another language. And because I like English, I want travel to USA, see new people, talk with different types of americans. In my future will be good, to the career that I will be follow.

  5. Joãso Paulo F. G. de Oliveira Says:

    Learning English nowadays is very important because as we know it is considered the universal language. For me in particular is extremely helpful because I work with export and I recive emails and links in English every day, but these facts in no way diminishes my opinion that I really dont like English.

  6. I am studying english because I travel for others country and I think it is necessary for my comunication, but don´t only english learn is important. There are others important languages how Spanish and Mandarin.

  7. Ariel Sulivan Says:

    Since the world has became a trading power, the language talked for almost everybody was the English. After that, the population who wanted be included in this globalized world had to adapt and then , learn English, that was the principal language, until nowadays, among others languages less used.
    For me, English is much important because I really want have a good job and be included in this big world. I want have a career and be professionally valued. Finally, I want a promising future and cultural knowledge, this is why studing English is so important to me !

  8. Samantha JF Says:

    Hey I agree with you Ariel! Today to get a good job of the basics that you need is an impeccable English.
    And also any journey can be more peaceful and better used when speaking the local language, which is usually English.
    So I do English, because it gives you a lot of freedom not only in the professional field, but also in leisure, to meet new people, other cultures and you are much appreciated by everyone around her.

  9. It is considered the official language of business, is the third most spoken language in the world and is the first to be chosen by people who want to speak more than one language.

  10. ALEXANDRE Says:

    Nowadays, in the global world that we live, the global language tends to be the English, so it will be needed soon or late, but, on the other hand there are more people talking “mandarin” than English. It could be a new tendence!!!

  11. Marcus Garcia Says:

    Hello, this week my throat is very sore, but I’ll be better to Saturday’s test.

    About studying English, as everybody must have noticed, I like it very much. In my proffission it helps me so much, everytime I need to read big texts in English to learn how to do something. And sure it will help in future, as long as it helps me right now. In the future I hope my English gets far way better.

  12. English is the fourth most widely spoken native language in theworld, and in terms of sheer number of speakers, it is the most spoken official language in the world. It is the primary language used in international affairs. The English language has official status even in nations where it is not the primary spoken language. English is indisputably the primary language of global trade and commer, the global language tends to be the English,

  13. This amazing article, “The importance of studying English Teachercinthiapaiva’s Blog” shows the fact that you truly know what precisely you’re communicating about!
    I actually absolutely agree with your blog. Thanks -Isiah

  14. Great blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a
    paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • Hi dear… I really don´t know. I started this blog as a joke to encourage my students to write more. But I believe it´d be a good idea to get started on a free website and then update it later on.
      Thanks for your message.
      Regards from Brazil….

  15. Ana Beatriz Colombo Says:

    English became a important “thing” in my life since I travel abroad for the first time to USA. It’s important to get a great job too, of course, after the college. But the most important point for me is increase my knowledge and I love English, so it’s better when it’s about study this language.

  16. Ana Beatriz Colombo Says:

    Learning a new language it is about explore new “frontiers” and make this your life too. With English’s class, you can increase your communication, like when you are travelling abroad, English is the “universal” language 90% of time, and this help you socialize with another people. Nowadays, English is a language which is essential, even to grow up like a person, who doesn’t live only in the same way. This language is a “open door” for many things in this life, not only trips and communication, but for knowledge too, for example.

  17. Hello teacher! First things first, nice blog! It’s way different from what I expected! Good job! And now about learning english I think it’s rather important for me, since I am already used to do in my life are related to the international environment, for example, most of the time I talk to my friends it’s on international sites like Deviantart and most of the stuff I am interested in are all in english! How am I supposed to get on the stuff I like if I don’t get anything it’s about? I want to get it so I guess I have to learn it don’t I? You see back in time I had to use google translator and it was just hard to communicate with people, so I started to force myself into learning, but like not consciously it was kind of something I just suddenly got used to it, like instinctively my body understood I had to do that, how important it was and all, Of course that’s why it’s important to ME, but I think that to everyone it’s just a fun thing to the others that want to stay in touch with the world right? The more languages in that case, the better!
    Also sorry for the lack of vocabulary, I just got out of creativity to use it in here.

    PS: I am late I know I know sorry :’0

  18. Thalita de Carvalho Florêncio Says:

    Hey teacher 🙂
    In my opinion study english is rather important to everyone in Brazil and in another countrys, it’s the “universe” language, if you travel anywhere, the chance of someone speaking english is rather large. In the past it’s a little bit different, people used to learn english for your culture and was very expensive, nowadays besides being on their own culture, people study english for professional growth. Who does not know a second language rather lose the job market.
    I am studying english, because I like so much the languange, help me with songs and series of TV and it will be very important in my carrer in the future.
    The study of english should be encouraged by public schools, the government should give more support to these schools, I think it would greatly help the Brazilians and the future of the country.

  19. Hi teacher, English is rather important for us, you can see a lot of things in English in everywhere. Learning English used to be rather expensive, but now you can find English schools cheaper and most of people can learn. No matter how old you are, you always get used to learnig, it’s fun and very usefull. If you want a better job, they ask for another language, if you want to travel to another country, you can use English, because is one of the most popular language, also if you want you can talk to people in international chats, meet more people. English is my favorite language, I won’t stop learnig, it’s a beautiful language, also is easy to learn too, you don’t need to be afraid, it’s way better when you do what you love, you do with more passion, and don’t want to stop.

  20. Bruna Souza Says:

    Good Night teacher, well, to me, learn english no is important only to me, but too to my future, this is really as good as I imagined, this my help a work better, because is not the same that no have the second option of language and is a language universal or pattern, YOU socialize with new people, you can make new friends , Meet New Origin.
    I think way better learn English with music how song to Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, movies how Twilight, Harry Potter, series… This language is more easy to “get” or understand is more easy too.
    Studying English, their know about a lot different culture the other country, city, peoples, civilization, all this is important, I think this.
    if all children learned to speak English from an early age , so it would be easier and would ease to understand the American language.

    Bye bye Teacher.

  21. Matheus Dantas Says:

    Nowadays, studying English is more than learning a new language, it is almost a must for anyone who wants to enter the job market. Not like the old days when only studying English people who really had an affection for the language. English is now the universal language spoken on all continents, used in all kinds of work, and besides the need to work also in the entertainment business English eventually became the center of references, both for music and for series and movies. So learning English for people of my generation, is not optional, but for those who crave something primordial achieve some professional and personal success.

  22. Isabel V. N. Ferreira Says:

    Learning English for me its so important because with this I can open new doors for my future, understanding a new culture and customs. I really love listen music, but used to not understand the most of the letters, but now thanks the English I am used to understand the most of them nearly as good as the songs in Portuguese. It is quite different today, I can sing way better.
    A lot of people doesn’t like English so don’t take love for learning , but what little I could see I learned to love it and I hope some day have learned enough to make an exchange and show every one what I really know and how I changed my life with English , because it is rather essential in my life and after learning I can’t live without this new language and this new culture.

  23. Bruna Sena Says:

    Hey teacher, sorry I know that I am late,
    I guess English is rather important, because to have a good job nowadays, you must speak English. But English it’s important to ME, because when I was a five year-old child I used to say “When I grow up I will learn English to be a singer” (Not gonna happen)
    And I enjoy a lot of series and I rather watch in English than in portuguese because I like to understand what they are saying for themselves.
    I rather songs in English because I guess they are better than Brazilians songs and I love to sing, so I must learn it (I don’t sing well, but it’s my favorite hobby).
    And well, I like to travel A LOT and in the future I will travel all around the world and for that I need speak English (obvious).
    So, concluding English is everything.

  24. Marcela M. Says:

    Nowadays, english is almost compulsory for who wants to get a rather good job. Who speaks more than one language, have more of the world in the hands. If you speak english, you have acess to much more information: the international newspaper’s sites are full of fast and detailed information. In today’s world, knowledge is power. That’s why we need to keep us informed.
    The english also can be a key to another custom or culture: the movies, documentaries, songs.. everything is more complete if you can search in english.
    The exchange is a great option for who wants to improve the language and get know more about other lifestyles.

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